Request / challenge (heavy 'wolfram' musick)

I have a request for help with transcription.
Someone is using this program?

(There are many reasons why I can not do it myself)

Anyway,there are two songs which have led me to severe depression a few years ago,and now when I come back to them, my condition also returns to the previous one :smiley: (neural pathways etc)

I noticed that people on forum are very excited about speed of picking.
it’s a very creative activity :wink:
and artistic value of one repeated note composition
it is also priceless :smiley: ok,enough sarcasm.

My request concerns songs Nocturnus - "Alter Reality"
and Obscura - Velocity .

in the case of the second song it’s just about solo and technique
(tutorial how and what/which notes)

in case of Nocturnus I need something more.
Both solos with harmonic context,main riff and so on.

Have any of you tried to analyze these songs?

Maybe some of you have solos and riffs from Formulas Fatal To The Flesh ?
Or other interesting Trey’s Azagthoth sequences and paters ?

In my opinion, not enough time is spent on classic death metal riffs on YT
where mainly blues and neoclassical rock are analyzed (and jazz).
From heavy sounds we have only modern “brutal technical” metal
which is a patchwork of many different exercises played with high speed
thanks to this all “brutal technical” metal bends sound identical and they are brutally tiring…

Guitarists whom nobody analyzes,who stand out from the crowd are

George Emmanuel III (harmonies)
Rune Eriksen (very characteristic riffs and harmonies)
Robert Vigna (playing technique etc)

Who feel strong enough to take this challenge? :slight_smile:

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Do you have Guitar Pro? The tab for Obscura’s Velocity is available on Ultimate Guitar and looks pretty accurate. If you don’t have Guitar Pro I can send it to you in pdf format.

Yes, GP is my favorite instrument :smiley:

Ultimate Guitar… I have no confidence,most tabs from there have a lot of mistakes.

I used to play along with Morbid Angel. I am very much opposed to the whole satanic vibe and lyrical content, but as far as heavy riffing goes combined with catchyness and melodies, Azagtoth really had some outstanding riffs. Favorites are the intro riff of God of Emptiness and Rapture.

He was also real proud of his solos, but I found them not as special as his riffs.

I’m not so into death metal and I could never get into Morbid Angel but Nocturnus are really cool. My favourite death metal band is probably Atheist.