Resources for applying the concepts in CCTC

Hi everyone,

Over the last few days I’ve watched all of the Pick Slanting Primer, a good chunk of the Antigravity seminar, and a bunch of lessons and interviews. Lots to take in.

After a lot of experimentation I’ve found an extended trigger grip with a downwards pick slant (no anchoring) that is comfortable and more efficient than anything I used to do.

At this point I’m wondering if there is a comprehensive step-by-step program for building up my alternate picking skills. Something with Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

I could just figure it out on my own but a curriculum with structured lessons + exercises would be nice.

Is there such a thing here or elsewhere?

I’ve recently been working on Rusty Cooley’s Fretboard Autopsy. It’s a pretty complete system for fretboard mapping through scales/modes using alternate picking and legato. If you ignore his monstrous chops, the material is very approachable and useful at every skill level.

The Gambale Chop Builder is another good workout for alternate picking chops.

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Oh man the Gambale chop builder is really humbling me right now, and I’m just talking the triplets in part 1. Reinventing my picking technique feels like taking 10 steps back 1 step forward, but I know it’ll be worth it.

It’s definitely not easy, but I can’t think of a better way to test and develop your most important foundation techniques in less than an hour.

You can always slow it down a little get the patterns under your fingers before trying to do it at Gambale speed :wink:

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Hi Saibur7,

It’s great that you have worked your way through the material.

In regards to, “At this point I’m wondering if there is a comprehensive step-by-step program for building up my alternate picking skills. Something with Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.”

The Downward Pickslanting portion in Pickslanting Primer is actually already what you are looking for.
Under the Yngwie Malmsteen section refer to the “Alternate Picking - The Pop Tarts Lick” and “Building Speed With The 6 Note Pattern”

Just practice these two exercises (The first 6 Note Pattern will be easier since there is no string switching) until you can shred them both; then move onto the next 6 note positon/variation.

These two exercises appear overwhelming at breakneck speed but are actually just patterns, and both use alternate picking. The Pop Tarts Lick is longer so break this down into smaller sections. Please kindly refer to my first post on this forum for a complete breakdown on exactly how I did this.

Completing the Pickslanting Primer alone at a respectable level will likely take me an entire year of practicing every day, not even counting the complete Volcano, Cascade, and Antigravity seminars. Who knows how many years that would take to master? By that point just about anyone would be at an extremely high level of technique…then there are all of the interviews and live events to go through.

It’s tempting to look for the ultimate guitar training, the good thing is that you already found it. Stick with it man!

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Honestly we’d love for Cracking the Code to eventually be just what you’re describing here! Ideally the Pickslanting Primer as basic up to intermediate level, and seminars for more advanced technique lessons in various styles for example.

We have more planned for improving the Primer, but would also love to hear any specific things you feel are missing or would help in making it a solid comprehensive curriculum :slight_smile: