Rest Strokes at higher tempos and Rick Graham's planting technique

Hey guys!

At what tempo (or if at all) would you start to abandon rest strokes? I’m practicing USX wrist motion and am making some great progress around the 160-170 tempo range using rest strokes. Maybe I’m to early on but it feels like it will be impossible to keep this up to play some of the phrases/songs that I’m into which are around the 200 - 240 bpm 16th notes (on a single string).

I’m a huge fan of Rick Graham and just stumbled across one of his videos regarding planting and was just wondering if it’s really possible to play at some of these crazy high tempos with a very wide range of motion. I rewatched a lot of the wrist videos in the in the primer around rest strokes but just had the question would they always apply at some of the crazy high tempos you find in the metal genre, death metal specifically. I noticed when I try and play at some of the 200+ tempos my range of motion really shortens, my motion still feels smooth although I haven’t built the stamina yet and I’m wondering if I’m just trying to take it too fast too soon or if this is normal.

While Rick mainly discusses this for economy picking he does make mention of using this method for alternate picking. I posted the video below if anyone had any thoughts on this in general and how/if it applies to a lot of the great stuff here in the primer.


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