Revelations about string hop and forearm etc

Long time lurker - occasionally subscriber but forum hanger… I must confess some things:

  1. Troy really scared me (some 10 yrs ago) with stringhopping info (mostly misunderstood by me!) wich prevented me from using wrist flexion/extension. (used pure deviation: very poorly executed - messy playing).
  2. When watching a vid by Claus Levin who described a “wiggly motion” (Interpret this as forearm rotation) I incorporated this to my playing - things started to happen.
  3. Tom Gilroys explanation of above motion plus deviation and some studying of Andy Woods motion put me on the right track. (some flex/ext) His terminology of different modes made me realize I was trying to leard 1 tool to solve all my problems…
  4. Adding SOME degree of forearm also boosted things…

The moral: When I now watch the info from Troy I finally get whats been there all along… Wish I could go back to 2012 and talk to myself.

Now when I use the EJ system for pentatonics - things happen! When I play 3nps (or mix) and Cross I switch to another mode… Thank god, finally I got things sorted out. I’ve known all these motions for all these years but have radomnly used them. But not anymore. I’m still at the stage where I consciously have to think: “Well this is XXX lick so I have to setup this position etc” but it gets more seamless every day…

Thankfully I’m stubborn as hell so - game on!

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