Review of the Ibanez JTC Pick

Since picks are de rigueur around these parts today. Here’s a quick review of the Ibanez JTC.

If you enjoy the feel of playing with a 2.55 mm piece of shaved rebar, THIS is your pick! Have fun destroying reality! And whatever this pick touches.

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Maybe you got one that wasn’t finished properly? Could you get some super fine sandpaper and file out the roughness?

@aliendough I was attempting to be humorous and irreverent. I did get the pick. It is exactly as Ibanez intended it to be. It’s not that it’s rough though. It’s too thick. Stack two Jazz 3s together and try and play. Kind of like that. It’s 2.55 Mm thick.
It’s nicely designed though. Maybe one day they will make a thinner version for guitarists instead of people trying to cut through the space time continuum.<<<<<joke

Ah right, the joke went completely over my head lol!

I have some. The edges are sharp, as if it had been pressed from a sheet. Considering how thick they are and how much the bevels were emphasised in the promo material, I expected the pick to be perfectly smooth all around like a Dunlop Flow, but a bit pointier. It’s not the case: to me it plays more like a sharp pick than other thick picks I’ve tried in the past due to the sharp edge around it. Bummer.

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