Rewind videos by larger intervals, i.e. Interviews, live broadcasts

Hello Troy and Adam

Is just that when watching an interview or anything else, the Vimeo player only rewinds by very little amounts when I use the keyboard arrows and most of the time is not enough to be able to repeat musical examples or anything else really, I need to press the arrow keys like 5 times to go back enough and then the video takes some time to reload. (might be my internet connection too)

Take for example You Tube player, it goes back further when using the arrow keys. Is there any shorcuts that we can use? or can this be modified from the source?

Maybe is just me but I tend to rewind a lot when watching your stuff, especially to see the musician in question executing something, and I know I can just click on the links to Sondslice when available but I really like going back on the interviews a lot.

Thanks a lot for your time Cracking the Code Team

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Hi Juan - thanks for the note. The Vimeo player is programmable so we may be able to set up keyboard commands that you can activate. How many seconds back do you want to go? And does anyone else have this issue, and how far back do you want to go?

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I always drag it back with my mouse, I didn’t know you could use keyboard.

Thank you for answering so quickly.

I think 5 seconds is very nice, I just checked YouTube and I think it goes back 5 secs, which is good.
Thanks a lot Troy!

Yes you can, for me dragging the mouse I feel like takes longer and I have the pick on my hand almost always so I find easier to press the arrow key.

Also when you are on a 1 or 2 hours long video it is more difficult to aim with the mouse for just some seconds back

A general-purpose scheme that I like is to have one coarse-grained pair of keys, and one fine-grained pair of keys. For most content, a 60 second pair and a 15 second pair is a good combination (especially for DVRed TV content, since commercials tend to be in blocks of 30 seconds). For educational content like CTC there are times when 15 seconds is definitely too coarse. I find a “fine” pair as short as 3 seconds is often best. 5 seconds might feel more “logical” to people though, because it’s easy to think in multiples of five to jump some particular interval by doing rapid keypresses. VLC player lets you map, I think 4 “sizes” of jumps to 4 different pairs of keys, though I have no idea if that’s possible in Vimeo or even desireable for a general streaming audience.

But having a 60 second key pair in addition to a 3 or maybe 5 second pair would be super handy. Binding that I like best is left and right arrow for short back and short forward, respectively, and up and down arrows for “longer” back and forward respectively. (“Down” to jump forward because metaphorically it’s like scrolling through lines of English in a text editor, consistent with how “right” advances forward through the individual letters of English text.)


Hey! Good suggestion here…we just added some nav buttons below the video player to skip forward / back by 5 second and 60 second increments. We weren’t able to override the built-in Vimeo keyboard shortcuts but this should work pretty well and is more mobile friendly to boot.

Should be live for all videos on the site. Haven’t tested extensively in all browsers but should responsify for various device sizes. If you run into buggy behavior let us know and we can take a look.

Let us know what you think! Pretty easy to tweak if it turns out most people prefer either different increments or a different UI but hopefully this is an improvement :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for taking the time to do this. You are an awesome team, we appreciate all the effort you make. I’ll try it later at night.

Thank you very much! those buttons are quite useful in my opinion, since I find my self trying to see the movements players do when they are picking many times a la Troy Grady :smile:

Again thanks for your help.

Of course it is just my opinion if you feel it does not help too much or it does not go with the way you want the player to look please feel free to change it .