Rhythm Changes, anyone?

George Gershwin wrote the music for “I Got Rhythm” in 1930. Since then, the chords to that tune have been known as “rhythm changes” and thousands of new tunes have been written over them. (After blues, the rhythm changes are the most common chord changes in jazz. And like blues changes, rhythm changes may be be gussied up.) The backbone of the A section is the I-vi-ii-V cadence (in Bb that would be Bb Gm7 Cm7 F7) which crops up in countless pop tunes. As progressions go, it’s a must-know. :blush:

Have you written any rhythm changes tunes?
Do you have any favorite rhythm changes tunes?

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A favorite rhythm changes tune for guitar players was written by one of the greatest jazz guitarists of the Swing era, Charlie Christian.

Here we’ll hear the original version and them some by other guitarists.

Charlie Christian (w Benny Goodman) Seven Come Eleven

Here, a guitar duet with Herb Ellis and Joe Pass.

Herb Ellis & Joe Pass, Seven Come Eleven

Here, Barney Kessel as part of the Oscar Peterson trio. (A great band with no drummer! Herb Ellis filled the guitar slot after Kessel moved on.) This is a much faster tempo.

Barney Kessel w Oscar Peterson, Seven Come Eleven

And finally, another duet, this one acoustic, and this is a performance video so you can see the guys playing! (Troy interviewed Joscho Stephan, and that’s definitely worth checking out.)
Tommy Emmanuel & Joscho Stephan, Seven Come Eleven

I once spent like 6 months digging into all the RC classics, generally in the bop realm…Oleo, Dexterity, Anthropology, the Eternal Triangle, Cottontail

neat one is “Steeplechase” by Charlie Parker, but here’s Scofield doing it: John Scofield Quartet - Steeplechase - YouTube

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guitarist play this one, but it’s among my favorite rhythm tunes.
Serpent’s Tooth, Miles Davis

Mike Stern’s recording of Oleo has always been a favorite of mine:

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Good job.
Here’s another guitarist’s take of the tune, Joe Pass with Nielss Henning Orstead Pederson on bass.
Giants, both.
Joe Pass, Oleo