Ricky Scaggs, jake workman and me!

This is me and my mother in law, Back stage tonight at the Grand Ole Opry with Jake and Ricky! Unbelievable!!!


And here’s a video of them warming up before their set…


Really cool! Ricky Skaggs is a monster player, this backstage warmup is awesome - I love that sort of thing!

Awesome stuff! Rock show warmup: Couple guys sitting around unplugged. Drummer plays rudiments on pad and/or leg. Blugrass warmup: entire band stuffed into a room sounding exactly the same as they do in front of an audience. Hilarious!

I know, they did 3 songs in the warm up, ended up only playing one of them on stage, and the other 2 Ricky told them just before they went on. It’s crazy…I enjoyed the warm up now than the rest of the 2 hour Opry show…