Right hand and Left hand...why wont they play nicely together?

Hey all, I apologize in advance if this has been asked a million times already.
I feel that I am still struggling with some basic stuff that I should not be struggling with anymore…and for the most part I’m slowly working my way into figuring out these issues.
However I am still very much struggling with getting my right and left hands to work together once I start trying to play a bit faster (not that fast, but just a little faster).
I feel like my right hand is picking faster than my left hand can keep up…
Is this pretty much a repetition thing where I just need to keep playing random scales and licks over and over again until it works, or is there something specific I can be doing to get everything to sync up and work together??


Something that helped me sync was to get the timing even in legato then just ‘go for it’ with the pick…at least the single string phrases.


Are you familiar with the “chunking” concept?

What we often suggest is to pick a simple phrase that repeats, even just on a single string, and place a strong accent on one of the notes.

For example the “Yngwie 6s” could be played as 6 notes per beat, with an accent on the first note:


where ^ = accent. Initially, make sure that you are playing in time and that just that first note has good L+R sync, let the notes in between be sloppy. Hopefully, in a short time you should see all the remaining notes falling into place.

When we play fast we can’t really control all the notes, typically we just pay attention to the accents and let the remaining notes flow automatically.

Not sure I was very clear so feel free to ask more :slight_smile:

EDIT: I see you have access to Masters in Mechanics, so this lesson could be helpful:

Thanks so much…I will gladly try your suggestions

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I would do the same as @Thegent suggested (actually I do it from time to time). It’s hard to focus on your right hand when your left hand gives you trouble.
As for legato I would advice Rick Graham videos on youtube. He has not so many teaching videos per se, but those he has are good for he is a true master of economy picking and legato )

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