Right hand/Left hand synchronization

Hi all…
It’s the first time I’ve posted a question or asked for help here. I’m trying to find one or two exercises to practice for coordination between both hands. My left needs most of the work. My right seems to get beyond 200 bpm consistently, but I need to work on turning my hand for the downstroke/upstroke escapes to continue on the next string.

Hey Rob!

I believe the most common advice is to slightly slow down your high-speed, smooth, low-tension movement, and start working on single-string coordination - using something like the Yngwie 6-note lick, or any other 4 or 6-note scalar licks, really.

Occasionally return to your high-speed smoothness-focused tremolo picking, just to ensure when you drop the speed, you’re still using the same basic motion.

After that, you can start moving licks between strings, making sure to adhere to whatever your escape is.

It’s probably best if more experienced people chime in, though, since it’s not like I myself have this thing figured out and am talking from experience :smiley:


Thanks! That aligns with the “chunking” video that I was referred to as well. I tried searching it under synchronization, but nothing came up. The 4 and 6 note per string exercises were exactly what I needed to get rolling.
Thanks again,