Right Hand Muting While DWPS vs. UWPS


So I’ve been having an issue with muting while I’m DWPS. To be more precise, I actually DON’T want to mute the string I’m playing, but the way I anchor with DWPS makes it impossible right now. Until I discovered Troy’s material, I played for about 14 years as a primary UWPS. So I was able to develop my right hand muting in accordance with how I anchored my hand on the bridge. My issue is essentially having to learn how to NOT mute the strings while DWPS. As Troy explains in a video, when DWPS, the fleshy side on the pinky side of the hand rests on the bridge. When I UWPS, its more of the fleshy part under the thumb that rests, so I’m not ‘by default’ muting the strings when I’m playing that way. When DWPS, I find my default anchoring position is resting on the strings as I pick, and I get that muted sound when I pluck the strings. I could lift my hand off the bridge to pick notes to get the full timbre unmuted sound, but then I get unwanted string noise. The high strings I can get away with, but once I get to the lower strings, its impossible not to be muting them unless I take my hand completely off the bridge, which for me, is a very unstable way of picking, even with my elbowed anchored on the guitar body.

Its definitely intriguing, I’m having to learn how to figure something out I’ve taken for granted due to being proficient already when I’m strictly UWPS.


I’m interested to see informed replies on this topic as I’ve run across the same thing. Fortunately, I enjoy the muted sound in general because of the percussive vibe but I should be able to do both.


I agree, I like the sound of playing fast with that muted sound, but its completely different sound when your not muting, which is nice to use sometimes. Its funny you mention that, because I remember Bonamassa mentioning the same thing in an interview, that he likes that muted sound for single note runs.


I believe Andy wood talks about playing on the lower strings and how it is not his favourite position for the hand but still is able to play


I am have the exact opposite problem just now! I have been primarily an UWPS player for 30 years. Now that I am working on 2WPS I need to get comfortable with UWPS in the process and can’t get the hang of properly muting when UWPS :wink: