Rite of passage licks


Looking for entry level shred licks
There must be some licks that were pivotal to your progress or just must know passages.

If you dont feel like linking to it I can seek it out on my own. Probably

Thank you


this is one of mine in triplets or sextuplets. This is in the key of A minor (Aeolian) with the blues note (flat 5) thrown in. on the 4–5--4 you shift down so the first finger is on the 4th fret


a good one and pretty easy to get a fast rhythm going with it. I dont always do all 4 of those…sometimes just two of them back to back etc

this one is a dumbed down Paul Gilbert lick for people with normal human sized hands. In the key of A minor this would be a cmaj7 arpeggio. again in triplets or sextuplets. Basically you can start at several different places in the lick and it would work out the same. I use 1,2,4 fingering for it


that pretty much is a dumbed down version of this IIRC from over 25 years ago

anyway those are 2 fairly easy licks that start to sound shreddy when played fast and smooth. They are good for guys who play mostly blues stuff but want to throw in some more shreddy or slightly exotic sounding stuff

Cheers, JJ


Thanks for taking the time.
Ill give these a shot this afternoon


first one is all picked. I cant wait until i have a phone cam set up because Ive been doing that lick for over 20 years which I way before I heard of CTC. I always assumed I used a DWPS back then but dwps is supposedly backwards for that lick going from the B down to g after a downstroke lol. Now im probably just holding the pick pretty neutral

2nd lick is deffo using pulloffs and/or hammers lol