Roland PK-5 Alternative

Anyone know of anything that does the Roland PK-5 choir and bass thing that Yngwie uses? Doesn’t have to be Roland or exactly the same sound, as long as it’s ballpark. Looks like a really fun practice tool, I like to practice to drones but none of the ones I find online sound as cool as this!


Demonstration at 0:53 if you click “Watch on YouTube”

It can also be heard in the background of his solo here:

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I thought it was the moog taurus pedal? you could do minitaur and a behringer midi footswitch or an expensive midi lever pedal. but you could literally just get a behringer model d, arturia keystep, and a cheap sustain pedal to hook into the keystep. those are really the two cheapest options in the peak analog bass quality realm, minitaur and model d as far as price is concerned. because a model d is a clone of the minimoog which is a killer bass synth. but from what i have seen and heard i believe serum is a very capable digital alternative so if you got an amazing pc rig you could just get a midi keyboard maybe with aftertouch, pitch and modulation wheels, if you are decent or want it. and will need a sustain pedal, and vst.

if i can win the lottery i would get one. LMAO
as ed bassmaster would say, “Just look at it!” :stuck_out_tongue:
man fader foot sliders for frequency and loudness :drooling_face:


I really have no idea, the PK-5 was the only one listed on Equipboard but I don’t think they started making that until the 90s so you’re probably right :grin:

Thank you for all your suggestions, I’m hopeless with gear so this will really help!

my fav synths

behringer model d
behringer td3
arturia minibrute 2s
novation bass station 2
wish i had a sequential ob-6 i think this is the most powerful even more than the taurus or neck and neck
wish i had a minitaur
deepmind 12 because the price is just insane if you get the desktop module especially if you already own a bigger midi keyboard with wheels.
wish i had an expressive e touche analog pedal to use on my synths but this stupid thing is so high in price i back burnered it
wish i had bought a tempest before the dang things were discontinued still kicking myself over this one
also i still need a condensor mic (probably get one on monoprice) and roland vt-4 but in time maybe, maybe not lol economy sucks as does my life currently so all my gear will likely be sold to just survive soon i would anticipate anyways cause lucky i am not lmao!

oh the virus synth they use for psytrance but whew that one is also extremely pricey

OH and if you want a cheaper plexi too you should go the synergy route but hell who knows when inflation hit i bet these puppies went up in price too! just because if say later on you want another head they offer a ton of different high end options in modules.

i have been looking at synth stuff recently on YouTube, and now i see why you are talking about this roland pk-5. i noticed many of the behringer toro, the taurus pedal clone, review videos people are using a roland pk-5 as the midi foot pedal to control it. if it has a similar sound to the minitaur/taurus pedals then you definitely could go this route seems much cheaper. do your research on how well it copies that sound, if it doesn’t you can always go minitaur for more money.