Scorpions lead playing - technique and musical approach

Anyone here ever really dive deep into
The lead work on the blackout album?

Just wondering besides pentatonic scales did he have any other tendencies. Ie: natural minor or even specific arp or scale shapes?

In short can you nutshell his playing.

Next question, I want as much info on his pet techniques as possible.

Like does he have a common approach to runs,
In general any techniques he uses constantly

Love this guys entire approach

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Cool, I’d say with a closely related question it’s fine to keep it all in one topic and have it in whatever category seems the best match. In that case you could edit the topic title to something like “Scorpions lead playing - technique and musical approach” or whatever best describes it, with further detail in the post on whatever things you’re particularly curious about.

If the technique question seems distinct enough, fine to have as a separate topic too. But for something like this where there’s probably a close relation e.g. between musical and technical choices, probably makes sense to have it together.

Excellent, It will be nice to have the info in one place.

I edited the post and thread title.

Its pretty crazy how in the past I put his playing at such a high level.
I just checked out the blackout solo and it is actually going to be attainable with a bit of practice now.

Just a minor pentatonic with a little b5. (blues scale)

Still he has the perfect blend of explosive bursts and melodic setup.

Are you just wanting to know about the Blackout album? Any solos in particular? I’m not completely familiar with that album but will take a look at it something on it if you like.

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There is something interesting in the song dynamite.

It is the beginning of the solo starts at
1:40 of the song.

It sounds like when you would start some repeated pull offs on a string and maintain them while sliding the blade of your picking hand down the string to produce those machine gun harmonics.

But in this case im not sure what he is doing because it sounds like he is actually traversing a scale and getting harmonics all at once. If you have insight that would be cool.

Again 1:40
If we aren’t suppose to link to youtube let me know

That’s cool! I think you are right, it sounds to me like hammer-ons and pull-offs with the sliding harmonic trick. I might be wrong, but I think he shifts the fretting hand position a couple of times yet the continuous change in harmonics makes it sound like a lot more is going on.

By the way, check out this guy’s harmonics:

Wow, that Sergey is a savage.
I really like his slides too.

I think you are right , sounds like he shifts those pull offs to a few positions or something.

Ill try to find some live footage later.

Well I watched a bunch of live stuff and it is the pull off trick.

The studio version sounds great. Live its kind of all over the place.

I think he might simply do a string change because I watched a youtuber attempt it and It did change things fairly noticeably.

Anyway Ill have to play with it when I get the amp n peddles all situated.

I noticed in my search for clear footage of live performances without fail, he starts the solo and boom
Camera guy decides we should hear him and see the bass player or watch klause play with the mic stand.

Ultimately i fear this is a studio job and you may never be happy with how it sounds live.

When all else fails