Scraping Index Finger

Hello all,

Has anybody else struggled with scraping their index fingers against the strings (with an USX Motion)? If you have, what did you do to fix it? No matter what I try to change (pick depth/grip pressure), it still seems to happen.


We’d probably need to see a video of you doing this. The only way I can make my index finger scrape is if I just use way too much of a slant, or supination. In this shot, I’m intentionally doing this. The point of the pick is angled so that it almost points up to my chest:


I could see this posture making some scraping happen. The only way to avoid it would be more pick exposure. This is a tiny pick I’m using…maybe a bigger pick would help that not feel as weird.

If I pronate a little, it looks like this:


Now the pick is pointing a little more into the instrument, and less upwards to my chest. Still plenty of slant to help the pick trajectory escape on upstrokes.

Try less supination or allow more pick exposure and see what happens. Definitely post images or a video though as I’m just guessing what might be happening in your situation…in which case this advice could be pointless :slight_smile:

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Thanks! This is exactly what’s happening, my hand looks a lot like yours in the 1st picture. I’m not sure when I’d be able to post some pictures or video, so I’ll just give the less supination a shot for now.

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Well, I don’t generally scrape my finger but if my nail gets just a wee bit too long it sometimes will catch on a string so I have to make sure to keep it short.