SDCrites -Trying Out USX with Trailing Edge

Hey all,

So I’ve been experimenting with trying USX phrases (mostly EJ 5’s type stuff) with a trailing edge and it tends to feel smoother for me, the pick just kinda seems to fly across the strings. I’ve only been messing with this on and off for about a month so I’m still getting the feel for it and getting the strings muted is a work in progress. I thought I’d post here so I could get any tips on doing it better or so anyone could point out if I’m doing something incorrectly. Keep in mind also that I do not have a hitchhiker’s thumb like most guitarists that use this grip.


I like the way this sounds. I find the approach angle of your arm interesting, since it’s very much in the Al Di Meola or Rusty Cooley school with how you come over the bridge from behind. That might help explain the reason you’re finding you get better results with trailing edge; because of how your approach angle positions your hand and pick grip. Not that that’s bad, just a possible explanation for “why”.

Personally, I’ve recently gotten back to playing on a Floyd Rose equipped guitar after using a flatter bridge for a long time, and realized I needed to make some changes to my arm setup to accomodate the shape of the bridge and the fine tuners.

Seems like you’re going for sort of an EJ tone, which is cool. One caveat is that when you use a lot of echo, it can disguise what’s happening with your picking. In performance, that can be a good thing, but for practicing, it can prevent you from detecting your own mistakes.

But my overall impression is that this is pretty badass. :metal:


Thanks man, appreciate the feedback! Yep, that approach angle is the most comfortable and natural way I place my arm. And about the delays, yes I definitely agree, there was actually an extra one on this video that I meant to take out before recording but forgot.

Welcome to the trailing edge club ! :wink:
I use it too, and only discovered it recently.
No “hitchhiker” thumb too. And i even use it to play Fear Factory riffs :smile:

I seen something in your vid : you don’t move your hand when switching string.
You rotate wrist.
So pick angle is subtle on bottom strings. And near 45 degres on top strings.
It will probably create some tension in your shoulder on top strings. Even make top 6 string VERY hard to play.

Try this if you want :wink:
-Stand up with guitar strapped
-Find the right guitar height to catch ALL strings easily WITHOUT AND WITH moving wrist.

Guitar height should allow you to catch low AND high strings without any shoulder tension.
If too guitar is too high, you will feel tension on top strings.
The opposite for too low.

Anchored right hand can work. But you need to check if you CAN reach ALL string.
If not, it is time to learn moving wrist, while keeping the same picking technique :wink:

There is nothing “wrong” with trailing edge. I almost switched to leading edge.
But trailing works better for me, too. I just need some adjustments on top strings, to avoid “over tilted” pick :wink:

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Thank you for your comments! I believe you accurately diagnosed my problem, that my picking angle was changing as I ascend to the higher strings. I will work on both the options you suggest