Selling guitars?

I’m considering selling a couple of my guitars which I don’t really get much use out of anymore, in order to fund a new guitar which I would use. The only problem is, is that it feels wrong.

Has anyone in the past sold their old guitars and regretted it, or benefited from it? I know this is quite a subjective topic, but i’m just looking for some advice :slight_smile:

Thank you

I haven’t actually owned all that many guitars, and I still have most of them. The few I have sold, I have never missed.

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I have regretted sales before. I sold an Ibanez many years ago. I regretted it at the time , but now, many years later, I have a different Ibanez with a hard tail bridge which I actually prefer. So unless there is sentimental value, and it’s for the purpose of buying something you’ll prefer, I say go for it and don’t look back!

I’ve never sold a guitar in the 29 years I’ve played, though I have gifted two away. It’s a personal thing - I know a guy with a horde of guitars (30+) and he’s constantly buying/selling. I’m waaaay too sentimental for that. haha

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I don’t understand “selling guitars” did you mean to ask about “buying guitars”


Lol, yeah that makes more sense. I was sort of trying to ask “I don’t whether to sell my guitars” but in a shorter way. But you’re right, it is a bit vague :slight_smile:

Immediately thought of this ad:

I regret some guitars, and not others.

Yes, been there, done that, bought one of two that mattered back even.

I’ve sold a few, never regretted it. My advice, put up a fb marketplace ad for it and don’t ship, sell it locally. There’s something about seeing the person that wants to buy your guitar playing it that helps you realize the joy they would get out of it. If it’s your first guitar or something really sentimental I would keep it, but if it’s collecting dust somewhere, someone out there could love it haha

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Welcome to the forum!

Following up your fb marketplace, I wanted to ask what channels the others on this thread have used when selling their instruments. Word of mouth? eBay? etc. Just wondering what people’s experience is. I need to sell a Mesa 4 x 12 cab (one of the few with Vintage Celestion 30’s) and I’m wondering what the best avenue is. Hope that’s not too off topic :slight_smile:

Definitely on topic - I’ve only ever parted ways with one of my guitars. I ‘sold’ it to my brother, who never paid me the full amount and then he ended up selling it to some other guy lol! I actually sort of regret that for obvious reasons. It was a schecter hellraiser. A truly great guitar and I think I only paid about $750 for it, new. My other main guitars are some PRS’s, each at or above the $2K price so I have good perspective. The schecter Played great and sounded great. I liked it nearly as much as the PRS’s. It was my only ‘shredder’ type of guitar and at the time I was mostly playing classical those days. So I thought it would be a good one to let go of. Post CtC, I don’t play much classical and recently bought a nice Ibanez Prestige RG5221 that scratched my shredder itch. It cost about a grand more than the HellRaiser, and if I never would have “sold” the HellRaiser I doubt I would have bought the Ibanez.

Now, selling guitars that aren’t played much, to fund the purchase of a new one you would play…yeah I’d say that’s a legit strategy and I doubt the OP will regret it.

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The guitars I’ve sold were sold through a website called Adverts. I sold a Fender Strat about a decade ago, and a Charvel San Dimas about a month ago. I listed both at fair prices and made quick sales both times.

I don’t know if there’s a similar website in your area.

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I sold mine and don’t regret it, but I’m left handed with a nickel allergy and am going to resort to building my own guitar to start playing again. I’m not really satisfied with any of the options on the market available right now.

You’ve probably already checked out Schecter, if so then this is irrelevant, but they have quite a few options of left handed guitars with stainless steel frets. The sls elite line comes to mind for these specs, although it might not be what your looking for.
I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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To me electrics can always be replaced, the only guitar I regretted selling was a high-end classical. Even then I replaced it with something better so no worries. The best guitar is one you feel like playing all the time, if you don’t play it say goodbye.

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My apologies if I am ‘off key’ in my response…

I’ve personally thought about this, but in a different scenario. As of now, I can’t sell my guitars. Only recently have I realized just how beautiful these instruments we play, truly are and so I am interested in purchasing a few more guitars along the way.

Anyway, I am about ‘the connection’ when it comes to people, guitars, or anything really. When, I reach a place where I can’t physically ‘do this’ and wakeup and play another day to keep improving, I truly would be grateful to meet or know someone I could sell/give my guitars to who I might have, even a brief opportunity to develop a connection with.

I recently met this guitar player who is selling his collection due to Parkinson’s disease. This chance meeting has certainly left me with a heavy heart and I would be humbled to own and cherish one of his guitars.

Personally, I would feel a deep sense of gratitude to know I was handing off my guitars to another person who could carry on the journey. Unfortunately, we never know how our lives will play out, my chance meeting opened my eyes to our own fragility once again. There you go, heavy, dramatic, just like the music I love.

[Cliff note version] If you connect, hold em’ or find someone who can connect with them.
Good Luck

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