Seminar value for UWPS?

Hey guys, finished the pick slanting primer and really found it helpful. I was looking at the seminars and it seems like they are more focused on DWPS. Is anyone here an upward pickslanter who has seen these seminar videos and found them useful?

Take this with a grain of salt since I’m more of a DWPS guy (the terminology has been revised and what the seminars call “DWPS” is now described as “upstroke escape, or USX”). The principles in the Yngwie seminar should still be useful even if you’re more inclined to UWPS (now referred to as “downstroke escape, or DSX”), you just need to understand that explanations for ascending string changes in the Yngwie seminar will apply to how someone playing UWPS would do descending changes, and the explanations for descending changes will apply to how a UWPS player will do ascending changes.

A lot of the Yngwie seminar is demonstrating how to apply DWPS to reproduce Yngwie licks, so while the information is useful, trying to follow the videos at face value while using UWPS would be a frustrating experience. But the principles of “single-escape” picking (which can be applied for UWPS or DWPS) are laid out in the most detail in the Yngwie seminar.

The Eric Johnson seminar is mainly taking the same concepts and applying them in exploration of Eric Johnson style licks.

The “Antigravity” seminar deals directly with players like MAB, John McLaughlin, Paul Gilbert and others who largely use UWPS (now “downstroke escape” or “DSX”), as well as how seemingly “impossible” changes get performed by those guys. But I’m not sure how easy it would be to digest if you haven’t seen the Yngwie seminar first. Maybe someone who watched Antigravity as their first exposure to the seminars could answer that better.

But the the Antigravity seminar will have more licks that you can practice without modification using “UWPS”.

If you have enough time, the approach I would suggest is to subscribe to a monthly membership, binge the “big three” seminars and as much other content as you can in the first month, then decide whether you want to purchase any of the content as downloads.