Shallow Pick Path

I’ve got a forearm/wrist DWPS motion that feels smooth and comfortable and is relatively fast on one string. My issue is that the path of the pick is still very shallow and either barely escapes on the upstroke or not at all. This seems to be the case no matter how much I supinate or try to put more wrist into the motion.

Any suggestions on how to get the path of the pick less parallel to the guitar to increase escape on the upstrokes?

Is this to solve a problem (string changes being difficult) or just to create a more noticeable escape? If you have a good thing going it’s not affecting your playing, I doing think you need to force a more prominent escape.

Hey @jasonatx0001 welcome to the forum!

Based on this, sounds like there is a problem:

BUT I’ve been reminded recently by Troy that we shouldn’t offer advice on what anyone says they are doing, because what we think we’re doing and what’s really happening are often different. So I could mention that I’ve seen tons of threads of people who think they are a USX (formerly known as DWPS) player when in fact they are clearly a DSX player as evident in the clips they post. BUT that may not have anything to do with @jasonatx0001’s actual problem :slight_smile:

So what’s recommended, @jasonatx0001, is that you film an example of what’s going on, then some qualified members (i.e. @Pepepicks66 or many others) will give you focused guidance on what to do next:

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Well, I’m not sure what he’s describing in itself is a problem. The last few clips I posted of my playing, people described my motion as totally trapped at high speeds, but I don’t feel any issue with it, and a couple people commented that there doesn’t seem to be swiping noise (you might’ve been one of them).

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Ah I see. Good call on that then :smile:

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I would just wait for the OP before I would jump to speculation on either scenario.

When I play with USX wrist-forearm I don’t know why but the typical Zakk Wylde pentatonic pattern seems to really help increase my escapes when I push it into the 150bpm+ sixteenth notes territory. I think my thumb gets a bit more involved, pushing down into the first note of the lick with every new repeat and that helps get a bit more forearm rotation going.


After doing that for a bit it tends to carryover into the rest of my playing. If you try it out let me know how it goes :grinning: