Shawn Lane Powers of Ten Tab Book in the Works?

Hey, I hope you are all keeping well and having a really nice week.

I was just wondering if anyone saw Levi’s Clay’s latest video about Shawn? (The bit at 2:08 had me so excited!)

I don’t think I have ever been so happy. :joy:I completely respect Levi’s for his work and for his honesty in this video. But I am thrilled to hear that there is talk of trying to get Shawn’s music out to more people - I hope they manage to find someone who can help them!


Yeah I just watched that this afternoon. Can’t say I blame him for not taking on a full album, or was it a show? Either way, it would be an insane amount of work!

It’s very possible that I’m misremembering this, but I seem to recall reading that the Lane estate had some legal difficulties trying to get Powers Of Ten reissued. If that’s true, it might mean that Warner Bros. owns the publishing rights, and that might be a problem for a POT tab book.

Also, I’m not super sure what I a tab book could offer that would make it worth printing. Rules Of The Game, Gray Pianos Flying, Illusions and Epilogue for Lisa were all transcibed in the Power Licks & Power Solos tab book, which isn’t difficult to find online. Shawn teaches the Esperanto solo on Power Solos, which is also easy to find online. That’s pretty much the entire album except for Get You Back, which was transcribed by Guthrie Govan for Guitar Techniques and is easily found online, and which Shawn taught part of on Power Solos.

West Side Boogie is a Ray Gomez cover, which could cause more trouble with rights. I don’t think most guitarists really care about the other tracks, the middle section of POT is mostly keyboard tracks.

None of the transcriptions are perfect. POT was very composed, so if a transcriber like @LeviClay88 had footage to some good unreleased video, then maybe they could do better. Maybe there’s enough good footage of already available from different POT-era gigs.

I’d buy it in any case, and a reissued CD or lossless audio of the album too.