She’s here! And she’s beautiful!

1 step closer to the Holy Grail!!


Thass purty.



Looking good! You forgot to mention height and weight and time of arrival :wink:

Is this Satriani’s model?


Average height, shipped at 25lbs, guitar itself is just over 7 lol

Yes, it’s a JS-2450!! The Chrome Boy is next… In like 5-10 years hahaha.


Nice, that looks great!

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How much was it? You going to go for the silver one?


Jesus. Not even 24 frets. Be cheaper to get it painted chrome.

I got a deal disgusting enough to not mention the exact price, but I’ll just say less than half…. I have a lot of good friends in the industry lol

There is the JS1CR that has 24 frets and a sustainer that a real stunner, but I’ve held the Chrome Boy guitars at such a high regard and for so long that I’ll only get one that has basically never been touched by any human that’s not part of the Ibanez staff. Or Rich from IbanezRules, haha. I’ll probably wait until the 40th anniversary. It’s not too far off and I’ll be able to put some serious mileage on this one until then.

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Half the time his guitar looks like yours anyway man, that reflection.

Ok maybe not, lot of light comming off his guitar, pretty cool. He should do the same for his shades. Look like an alien.

Imagine being the sound man for this… No thanks.

Wow! The guitar you got is a beauty- and of course the chrome boy is awesome! I know I have cycled through a lot of different guitars before settling on the ones that feel the best, deliver the sounds I like and best represent what I need in a guitar! Ibanez IS that for so many people! Cool!

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first class guitar. you dropped a good chunk of change on that one.

muscle car purple is one tough looking guitar! all the best.

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I had planned on getting the JS-2400 because it’s the new and updated version of the JS-1 I started on in the early 90s. But seeing that chrome hardware on the MCPurple…. So freaking stunning!

Nice! I ordered an EVH Wolfang, casually said to the wife “I bought another guitar…” she didn’t hear me shell see…:slight_smile:

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College buddy of mine had one of the original JS10ths. Thing was effin’ NICE looking, but if you breathed on it funny you’d get fingerprints on it. :rofl: I’ve got no problem with 22 fret necks - I don’t know if locating the neck pickup under the 24th fret harmonic is pseudoscience or if there’s anything to it, but they do tend to sound pretty ft just by firtue of being a little further from the bridge and I rarely go that high up on the neck anyway. But, Satch’s preference for pretty vintage fretwire is one I do struggle with… Kind of a shame as I always reslly liked the look of the JS1000BSB that every once in a while you could snag from overseas…

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I played an RG 570 back in like 1990 . I remember the neck was very thin and flat.

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I’ve actually never owned a 24fret guitar until this one, at least not for long. I haven’t had all that many over my lifetime now that I think about it. I started on a Harmony Strat, then a BC Rich Mockingbird that was a total lemon when I got it from the store (they screwed me), so I traded for that coveted JS-1. I was on that for over 10 years until I was gifted a 70’s style strat (still love that headstock) and then a couple of years later, I had a luthier friend make me 2 customs guitars when he took over the Guitar Craft Academy at MI. Both were mahogany, 1 spalted maple and the other regular flame maple, and had the same pickup system, input and neck that the JS1’s had at the time and the placement of the pickup selector where Petrucci had his on his old Ibanez models. They were sleek as hell and played as smooth as Tom Andersons, which I had recently discovered and demanded from the luthier lol

I think the thing with the JS’s is the body style being rounded that I like the most. In fact, if that luthier wasn’t so busy, I would’ve gone with the JS body shape for my customs. I know that the technology has sky rocketed, but the coil tapped function was amazing for me coming up. It can be a “Strat” or a “Les Paul” with the pull of a knob. I don’t have the kind of discernible ears that can tell the differences in woods nor do I have the hearing memory to know if this pickup sounds better than that pickup, at least if they’re of the same quality level. But I trust Joe’s ears on those matters. That said, the neck pickup on this things absolutely sings. I can tell that I like it more, which I’m not usually able to do.

JSs have a very different neck shape - rounder, more like a modern strat, maybe a hair thinner than that, but significantly thicker than the Ibanez “Wizard” profile. As a Strat guy I found them pretty comfy, while the Wizard is fun but not something I’d want to play hours on end.


How’s it compare to a JEM neck? That’ the one thing I miss from the JEMJR I parted with. I much preferred that neck profile to the Wizard III on my Genesis RG550.

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Clips from this Stern episode are all over my feed and it’s awesome lol

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Honestly it’s been so long since I played a Jem, and I’ve never played a Jem Jr (which I know at least used to have a different profile) that I’d be hesitant to say. I believe the Jem was a bit closer to a Wizard but maybe not QUITE as thin, with a different profile, and the Jr was a little thicker, but those are a combination of hazy recollections and a misspent youth on Jemsite, so take that with as much salt as you think necessary. :rofl: Likewise the Wizard III isn’t really the same as the OG Wizard - thicker, again, as I understand.

Actually, here:

jem7vwh’s post here is pretty good. Nothing on the JS profile, but poking around the net the newest iteration at least is 20/22.3mm, vs 17/19mm Wizard and evidently a 19/21mm JEM.