Ship watching (Maersk Tanjong)

So near and yet so far:

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Having dealt with large ships and port calls, I wouldn’t hold your breath! They can be told to stay out at anchor for days if the port isn’t ready to take them on.

Also having dealt with shipping containers, that’s another time consideration…

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was hoping someone had managed to block a canal again

For those keeping score, she was at the Port Elizabeth terminal for a day or two, and has now departed. Don’t know if that means the container with our goodies is now sitting at the terminal, or if unloading is more complicated than that. (That stage of unloading, I mean).

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Probably waiting to be inspected by customs then arrangements for transportation have to be made.

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Looks like the ship is near New York. Where is the final destination?

I only know what the link says, but at the time I’m posting this reply, the ship is under way to Savannah, GA.

I believe the ship already docked at Newark, unloaded its cargo there, and has moved on now…

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Yeah, I didn’t take any screenshots, but the ship was hugged right up to the dock for at least a day.

That’s what I recall as well…on about October 24-25 or so. And then it anchored off the cost of Long Island for a few days. My assumption would be it unloaded at Newark since the Cracking the Code folks are in Brooklyn. And the magnets will get delivered to/shipped from there when ready…


well, this looked promising:

then I saw the other posts here, and maybe they’ve already been dropped off in NY.

Any word on Magnet status? The ship that had them is now south of Florida. I’m guessing they’re sitting in a shipping container in NYC or NJ.

They’re in our office, getting boxed up. You think picking technique is a fun repetitive strain activity, just try assembling 2000 boxes. We’ll get there…


Wow, that’s great news (the Magnets at your office, that is – not all the box assembly work)! Much appreciation for the update, Troy!

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The joys of running a small business! And just think if everyone who gets a magnet submits a technique critique…