Shredding with a 10mm pick

I have never seen anyone shred with a pick so thick before…

That’s crazy. I feel like the further into guitar I get the more I realize gear really doesn’t make that much of a difference in technique. Sure, maybe at the outermost, outermost extremes, but generally it seems like gear is used as a coping mechanism.

Apparently bigger picks are very useful if you have arthritis in your hands and have difficulty holding picks. I guess with such a big pick you could play very, very lightly.

Hehe it’s kind of entertaining to watch and the guy is great, but there is way too much chirp for my taste!

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Yeah the dreaded chirp! I get that with V-Picks.

The guitarist has some serious fretting skills. But yeah… I am definitely a Chirpaphobe, so I am not enjoying the picking sound.

I was turned on to thick pics by John Taylor. You may remeber him from MIM interview where Troy hooked him up with electrodes to measure muscle/nerve activity? At any rate, I was enquiring about getting some SIKPICS. He has some, but instead of making a quick buck off of me he suggested thick picks 5< mm. He said that they increase accuracy because they are SO big there is less space in between the strings. They can be VERY expensive. I saw one that looked like a diamond for 80$!

I found a deal on Amazon: 3 5mm picks for 8.99.

My experience is mixed. It certainly makes it seem easier to pick in terms of accuracy, but when I get up to the 100-110 bpm range (16th notes triplets 6/beat) it gets…sloppy. Maybe I could get used to it, but I’m still fleshing it out.

If anyone needs SIKPICS here is John Taylor’s contact info. I hope this is ok with Troy? I only do this because he impressed me by avoiding the quick sale in favor of giving me good information for FREE.
(720) 209-0484

Brandon (lv2run1)

@milehighshred paging Dr Taylor!


The thing about the sikpics is that although you get lower friction, you also get less attack.

And if your goal is accuracy with triplets at 100-110 bpm… I think the lower friction won’t be as important.

As far as thicker picks helping… that depends on your style. But super-thick picks aren’t for everyone. A lot of people here like thin Jazz IIIs.

For sure! I prefer the Dunlop Big Stubby 2.0mm

Cool. I’m a Big Stubby player as well. It helps that they’re cheep.

Thank you for the kind words, sir!


You are welcome. I think I mentioned that I live in Fort Collins. I drive to Denver once a week for work. I keep thinking I’d like to hook up for a lesson someday if you are still doing that?

I still don’t have an office. The only way I can do lessons right now is either I drive to the student, or we do them over Skype.

If all else fails you can use it as a weapon.

They make some interesting plectrums, but I can only use Dunlop Flow 2.0mm.