Single picking arpegio question

Hi guys. I got a question, not sure if there’s a video on the pickslanting primer, if so, please reference me to it! .

I’m still confused on what’s the best way to pick 1nps ups and downs in a actual scale pattern for example. Say I start with USX and do 3 notes on the 1st string, then do 1 note on the 2nd string and one on the 1st again. Thats pure odd numbers & non upstroke escape for USX. What is the best way to go about it (if its 1 note on a string but its the opposite of your escape) to just use your secondary motion and flip between usx and dsx? it seems like hard to think about on fast tempos, so i was wondering if theres something im missing out.

I think these type things are best figured out by trying it at speed. Likely you’ll get combinations of motions like usx and dbx, but trying to slow it down and figure it out probably wont give the same result as trying it fast.

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Yes, I am pretty sure that is the recommendation.