Site down for maintenance

FYI we just took the site down for maintenance. A user’s antivirus software noticed something potentially suspicious in the site config and we’re looking into it right now. Sorry for the short notice — we wanted to get on top of this right away, and we’ll keep you posted.

The forum should remain operational while we do this, but we’ll let you know if we have to take that down as well. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I noticed earlier today that whenever I refresh any forum page I get this request:


It looks a bit suspicious as I’ve never experienced this before. Couldn’t it be related to the issue you mentioned in this topic?

Yeah this is benign. There is an image that the forum attempts to load that is hosted on Troy’s main site ( and since that site is currently blocked while it’s down for maintenance, your browser is just showing you that alert. Opt for the ‘cancel’ button :slight_smile:

I find I never need to refresh pages on the forum though. They tend to just ‘partially’ reload themselves when new messages come in.

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Thanks a lot for the explanation!

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Aha, gotcha. Thanks Joe! Yes, things hosted on the main site, like images, might be unreachable for the short term while we’re down.

@Maxys you shouldn’t need to refresh forum pages, Discourse loads new posts automatically. It’s very well done.

And for others reading this, Joe has been helping us out on the developer side on some cool new features, and is familiar with the inner workings of the site. Many thanks to him for the assistance.


FWIW I think the site, and the forum in particular, is very well done.

Some really nice features like preview of the post you are currently writing and automatic update of the page when someone posts are really cool features. The inclusion of markup for post authoring is also really cool even though not a lot of people use it.

Well done to the developers, great job !

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After performing a number of upgrades, we’ve removed the password protection on the main site, so you should be able to access again. However we’ve hired an outside expert just to jump in and make sure everything looks good. If we need to take the site offline again while they do that, we’ll notify here. We’ll keep this thread up until we’re completely done.

Sorry for the interruptions!

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