Skype teachers?

Who are some great teachers to Skype for picking technique?

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We’ve got a forum topic with a number of teachers in the Cracking the Code community:

A few who I know offer online lessons:

Other friends of Cracking the Code we highly recommend for lessons:

Anyone else who teaches online, or has recommendations, let us know!


Thanks @Brendan for the mention, really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

@Suhrite, feel free to reach out to me & let me know what I might be able to help you with. I’ve worked with students in different styles to troubleshoot and/or develop their picking technique using concepts from Cracking The Code.


Yes thank you for the mention, @Brendan !

I currently am booked out for a while but folks can contact me to get on my waiting list and learn more about the different types of lessons I offer.


Hi Folks,
I’m teaching online as well. (This is my original teacher’s post: Calling All Teachers!)
Maybe if someone’s interested just let me know. I just had someone from South Germany over here in Dresden and we had some very productive sessions.
Cheers, Stephan

I also wanted to add my name to the list of online teachers - I teach guitar at a university and specialize in jazz, rock, and world styles. I’ve taught pretty much every age, style and level, as well students with disabilities - more info at my website: