Slightly radialised wrist motion?

I feel like when I try to do “slightly ulnarized” wrist motion It’s impossible for me to have noise control. Does it have to be ulnarised to be correct? I noticed that Mika Tyyskä for example look a little bit radialised when he’s playing. Does it have to do with hand atonomy maybe that you can mute or not when ulnarized?

I don’t think that playing with ulnar rotation and muting is impossible without some unique quirk of anatomy. Teemu’s interviews are a good example of what’s possible and he’s not a genetic freak lol.

I started with a really strong ulnar position, gypsy style with a high and angled wrist. I eventually was able to reduce the height and angle while keeping the forearm rotation technique to allow for heavy palm muting, I don’t pick with lateral wrist motion at all. Now I feel like I have freedom to raise the wrist for sustain and lower for mute, without fundamentally changing the rotational movement.

Yeah I guess forearm rotation and wrist blend is the way to go if you want muted notes but I’m talking more about muting the notes other than the one you are playing. For example, if I’m playing on the B-string it’s very hard for me to mute the G-string, it’s always unmuted.

Muting lower notes is the same technique, the palm mute is just a little further back on the lower strings, leaving enough ‘airspace’ for the picked string to ring out. The higher strings are mostly muted with the left hand, but I use right hand fingers too.