Slipping intonation saddles on TOM & TAIL


hey guys I’m back again LOL. This this time with intonation slippage. Brand new ibanez arz200, so it’s under warranty. But my poor ass would have to drive an hour to get there. Now, back when i had My RG421 i used loktite blue on the int. Screws. but that was because the screws themselves were turning as well as the saddle moving. Whereas here, the saddle is moving but the screw is not. oddly enough, the screws still manipulates the saddle I can still move it forward and backwards it’s just the saddle slips over the screw after the string tension comes back on it. would putting a little Loctite on it void the warranty? Do I take it to the dealer? Any suggestions? thanks in advance. I think it’s happening on all six saddles


What part of the country do you live in? I know a great repair guy in Las Vegas if you’re interested.


Would love to but I’m on the east coast. Southern Ohio of all places LOL. Sad that 2 guitar shops in my city, the only 2, went outta business LOL. got to drive an hour just to get to closest Guitar Shop


I mean it’s not like an RG with the screws moving, but i thought i could take the loctite blue, and maybe take something like a tooth pick and place a little on each side of each saddle once i get it intonated properly. Cuz loctite red is for permanent placement, but the blue is for temporary. Ur supposed to b able to brake it loose again. I’m not saying use a whole, just enough to keep her steady, so to speak.


I just realized that it’s not like a hardtail. I could actually probably just take anything that would fit down in front of the saddle give me tween the saddle itself and the wall of the bridge and it would probably keep it from moving. I’m very poor I have no money for gas to drive an hour away LOL. But I figure as long as something stops it it should stay in place. I mean I could just use different size pieces of splinters or toothpicks or pieces of wood for small pieces of metal oh, I don’t know anything that wouldn’t damage it but would hold it still