Sloppyness, noise. I don't know... Stringhoppin'?

Well. Hi and good day.

Has been a month since I come here and I think that I see progress in my playing.

For two way pickslanting l, I think that sometimes I doing well and sometimes… stringhop across the strings. Sometimes I get speed with very noise (clearly example in the vidio)

And I have been practicing downward pickslanting and I think that I do it right, but sometimes I get slop.

But you know, I need a kind of a second opinion.

And another question, I have a scholarship, when this expires?

Thanks for watching! ^^


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Hey. Can you guys help Me? :cactus:

Hi! Thanks for posting. This looks pretty good! There is no stringhopping here, so don’t worry about that.

For the sixes clip it looks like you’re doing a USX motion which is mostly wrist and maybe a small amount of forearm. That’s fine! Any combination of joint motions is ok. What matters is that it is fast and smooth, and that it follows the “USX” path. The upstrokes need to go up in the air, and the downstrokes need to “trap”, or stay between the strings. It looks like that’s what’s happening. So that’s good.

My main concern here is that I think the motion itself could be faster and smoother. In addition to the sixes pattern, which moves across the strings, I would try to play some basic patterns that stay on a single string. This will allow you to work on the speed / smoothness of the motion without worrying about going from one string to another. If you just fret a single note, can you do the motion a little faster? What does that look like?

The ascending scale clip looks pretty good. You didn’t film that one from the side, but from what I can see it looks correct. If you get another chance to do a “down the strings” angle on that, it could be interesting to look at. A black pick on a black guitar is a little tricky to see, so if you can put the camera a little closer that would be great. That will make it easier to see what is happening during the string changes.

I also want to apologize for the confusing terminology. We’re probably going to get rid of the “two way pickslanting” section in the Primer because it places too much emphasis on what the pick looks like (“slant”) and doesn’t really explain the actual motions clearly enough. So for now, try not to worry too much about that.

For the ascending scale clip, it looks like you are making the correct wrist motions. When you do this, you may not see any “slant” changes, but the pick will be moving in different directions based on the type of string change (upstroke or downstroke). You can do this from the arm position you are already using, there is no need to try and do anything else. Like the other patterns, just try to do this fast and smooth at first. Then you can slow it down later and make it more accurate.

Nice work! And thanks for signing up for the scholarship.


Hello @Troy
Thank you so much for answer.
Here is the video from side of the scale.

I think that I can’t go too fast, and I feel some tension in my arm and wrist.

By the way, I’m more of the rhythm tipe and I don’t practice too much solos. But I want to learn more about lead.

Hey, about the scolarship. How long it is the subscription by that?

Edit: Now it was that I realize that the camera need to be a little closer. :c

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Hey, will see if Troy or Tommo have further thoughts on the video, but to quickly answer your question about the scholarship — it’s not currently any specific length, and will renew at the scholarship rate automatically. So you don’t have to worry about it expiring :slight_smile:

Oh thanks so much guys. I appreciate it!!