Slow but sloppy USX

Tremolo on G string. I hit the B string on the downstroke and upstrokes are escaping. So this should not be string hopping I guess? Yet I can’t get any faster than this (about 16th’s @ 120bpm) after working on this for a while now.

I have really tried to find a motion that would be fast, but I simply can’t. If I try to go any faster I will stop escaping on the upstroke and all sorts of extra flabby rotation motions start to happen, this can be seen after the slowed down video part after 57 seconds mark.

So in addition to trying to find a fast and correct motion I’m also trying to start slow with a motion that I hope is correct and build the nervous system to support it. For the 30 years I’ve played so far I have always tried to play faster than I can and got nowhere with that approach so why not try something different for once. But hitting a ceiling at 120bpm makes me think this motion is actually not correct. What do you think?

Sorry about the watermark on the video, still evaluation different editing tools and haven’t found easy and good enough yet.

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