So by definition this has to be crosspicked? correct?


trying to get a grasp on crosspicking as a concept and relate it to stuff I already play or have tried to play

so this lick, by definition this is crosspicking, yes?

G-----5-----7-------8----- etc

with a pick, either starting with up or down, that has to be crosspicked yes?

so the question follows, what about this type of basic pedal point link?

G---------------------------- etc
if that is started with a down and its all inside picking, would that be considered crosspicking or is that just basic 2 way slanting?

what about if started on an upstroke to make it outside picking? isnt that by deffo going to be crosspicking?

edit: haha, I was watching the Martin Miller interview while writing this. just saw one of the above licks at 1:20 lol

Thanks, JJ


Crosspicking is generally what we call picking when every pickstroke escapes. This is different from TWPS where you can have (long) sequences of non-escaping pickstrokes interspersed with escaped ones when you actually changes strings.

Many would play your first lick with hybrid picking (use finger to pluck high E string).


yeah I figured someone would say use hybrid lol. Maybe one day but Ill cross that bridge some other time. Thats why I said “with a pick”

sort of the whole basis for the question is that I love the sound of pedal point stuff so I have been working a little on single string pedal stuff but I also on occasion throw in this lick in A minor


though I like the sound of the lick i always thought it was a bit cumbersome etc but essentially its just crosspicking, yes? What kind of speed could a pro work this type of pattern up to?


Not sure what the speed limit for crosspicking is. There are some examples in the Andy Wood package of crosspicking 16th notes at 180 bpm.

Here is @Troy crosspicking at 190 bpm: Transcription and analysis: Troy Grady can play the guitar very fast