Some folkmusic with too much gain


I like to play folkmusic on the guitar. I’m from Sweden so naturally swedish folkmusic. Although these are snippets from a finnish folkmusic group, Frigg. Fun to play on the guitar. Noticed that some economy picking happened, been working on that these last couple of weeks.
First one Jalla Jalla(apparently on foot in finnish) is a great picking workout. I arranged one section for tapping.
The second one Norrsken(Northern Lights) is good for working on those grace notes.


These are great. :+1: Reminds me a bit of traditional celtic music, oddly. Well played, but also just really cool music.

Total non-sequitor, but one of my favorite recent musical discoveries is a contemporary Swedish folk band (who somehow came up as a suggested artist on Spotify for Dax Riggs listeners, which makes no sense to me) called Woods End. I have NO idea how well those guys are known in their home country, but based on their monthly listener count I’m guessing they’re not exceptionally well known so this is a longshot… Their album I rules though. Reminds me a lot of the acoustic/clean toned/melancholy side of Opeth.

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I haven’t heard of Woods End, but listening to them I like it. Funny though, they’re actually from my hometown, Umeå. A small town in north of Sweden. I don’t live there any more, and I don’t recognize any of them. But I’ll check them out some more.
If you want some swedish folkmusic tip, here is my favorite band. Folk all in band. You can say it’s folkmusic turned up to 11. :slight_smile: A couple of friends play in that band and this is still one of the best concerts I’ve been to.

Their drummer is a scary fusion guy.

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Thanks - I’ll go check them out! Small world, that’s cool!

To bring this back on topic, I could probably work it out from the video, but if you happen to have a tab handy for either of these, they’re pretty cool pieces of music I’d be curious to try.

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Sure. Don’t know if they’re correct. That’s how I play them. :slight_smile:
I couldn’t upload the pdfs, only images. Let me know if want them as pdfs.

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Awesome, thanks! I’ll give this a go over the weekend.

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