Some great playing on here

I’ve never heard him before, lots of great clips on this channel.

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Those HS-3’s if that’s what he’s using are actually terrible pickups. They are very old and have a very plain, Jane Vanilla sound. Hard to imagine Yngwie used them for so long.

But the Duncan YJM Fury’s are quite a bit better although slightly similar.

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Awesome clip! Great stuff! He really gets that YJM sound, eh? Well done whoever that is!

I own both a HS3 and a Fury loaded Malmsteen Strat - I think that both pickups sound great - particularly when used on a clean tube amp with an overdrive like a DOD 250 or the YJM 308! But hey, that’s just me.
I have this cool little Marshall combo (JCM2000 DSL401) that’s a lot of fun to play through with those guitars; evokes that Malmsteen sound with the amp overdrive!

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That’s interesting, we all hear so differently. My signature came with the Fury’s but I really like the HS-3 sound as well. I’ve been thinking about getting them to try out, I feel they sound sweeter, the Furies have a bit of lower mid hump that pushes the rig a bit more I think.

He definitely nails the YJM, his hands are at god levels, mesmerizing to watch!
@Scottulus could you tell me about the differences between the HS-3 and Furies if possible? I’ve always been curious of the HS-3, are the neck and bridge different versions?

An HS-3 is an HS-3. Neck and bridge and middle are the same. An HS-3 has an output of about 87 millivolts, so it is a very low powered pickup.

The Furys are a little hotter.

And me! I love that sound. It’s very distinctive, or at least I think it is anyway!


The picking is so efficient and tone so snappy its hard to tell what he’s picking even at .25. Really talented dude

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