Some pretty cool Tommy Emmanuel footage (Guitar Boogie)


Some CtC-approved footage angles in here. Definitely a lot of pick and fingers stuff here, but his mechanic - which to me looks kind of awkward and unnatural but clearly isn’t for him, given his playing here - looks like he’s pretty squarely burying his downstrokes. Kinda cool.


He’s quite unique in the way he combines regular picking with hybrid. His strumming is super impressive as well. I would really like to see him magneted :smiley: . @Brendan, @Troy, do I remember correctly that you plan to interview him at some point?


Yes Troy actually met with Tommy quite a while back! We have some footage we need to revisit when we have time. And ideally maybe a follow up interview if possible. Nothing specific planned at the moment but on our list to get back to this at some point.