Some really good Hetfield picking technique videos

spotted on another forum and I thought it might be appreciated here:

Pretty good footage of his picking hand up close.


Interesting, he holds the pick sort of pad to pad, which gives that very supinated arm position. Might have to give that a go to see if I can get fast downstrokes to work, never been able to do that.

Huge influence on my rhythm playing; I could never get the flexed thumb + hyperextended index finger joint to feel comfortable, but I definitely kept the hyperextended index finger part for rhythms.

Do you use a more pad to pad grip for rhythm playing? Does it help with fast downstrokes? It’s an area I want to improve on.

I think so? Like bottom / side of index and bottom of thumb? Some links…

DUD D U pattern:

DUD U D pattern:

More straight downpicking:

Downpicking + term:

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Nice one! I’ll mess around with this type of grip and see if I can get it going

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It certainly doesn’t look comfortable at all. I don’t even think my index joint bends that far let alone would do so comfortably.

Here’s another one with some better angles.