Some thing off the CTC beaten path

Sorry didn’t make a video, it’s a work in progress, day 3.
ACDC’s back in black, first solo. Surprisingly I hat to switch off the YJM mind, I actually couldn’t play some of the phrases without it getting in the way!

I’m doing this to get back to my first love, that band changed my life. I think YJM and ACDC could be one hell of a combination to fuse if I can manage it.

I’m really enjoying this guitar. Hope you like the tones :slight_smile:


Very cool! Authentic tone, here!

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Thank you brother!
I shall perfect the playing on it soon :slight_smile:

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Yeah I know what you mean =D

Cool stuff!
On some parts a little rough but amazing sound!!

How do you do your recodring?
Any software recommendations? :wink:

Thanks Flow, still working on it. Latest iteration :slight_smile:
This track is such a feel thing, timing besides the right notes and bends :grimacing:
edit: this is the lentz

I’m micing my cab, been using a demo version of Asturia’s 1073 pre, it’s quite something.
Not sure if you want more details, let me know in a PM.

Cheers Mate :slight_smile:

day four update :wink:
almost there :grimacing:

Thanks mate.
Micing the cab is quite a science on its own =)
But anyway great sound.
Sadly the audio is not working =(.

Hope to hear more from you in the future!

Keep it up.

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