Songs with a particularly great chorus

Post songs which have a really standout chorus for you, any genre. What do you like about it in particular?

I’ll start with Don’t Cry from Seal. I am a total sucker for bouncing back and forth between major and minor, and that’s what this chorus is all about. This is the final one, which also incorporates the intro melody.

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Most of what I post will be so cliche I may just recuse myself from this fun thread. But not before I post this better-than-the-origal cover

Tag me if you make a thread called “Stupid Songs With Great Choruses” because Africa is also a candidate for that category lol! They just did “whatever” on the rest of the tune haha!


I don’t know if it’s really the chorus that stands out in this but this kind of just has a restlessness to it. I guess there is a little major minor going on. I like the sound of the guitar and the bass and the drums.

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