Songs with usx motion

I already developed usx motion and I’m applying it to my playing. But I want to play a solo that have all of this info inside, maybe it could be a Yngwie solo, I don’t knoe too mucj about his music, i was wondering if you can recommend me some guitar solos to keep practicing usx. Thanks folks! :metal:

Marty Friedman, Yngwie, Zakk Wylde, Eric Johnson I think are some of the most famous examples people mention on the forum. Just be aware, in my experience learning Marty and Yngwie (haven’t spent much time on any EJ or Zakk material) knowing the USX and downward pickslanting aspects to their playing makes it easier to figure out how they play certain things, but I still come across licks in both of their solos that they are probably swiping or using some type of DSX helper motion to play. This makes sense because they didn’t analyze their playing like how we do, so while their intuition is making them favor USX patterns, they still might have the odd lick that doesn’t perfectly match 100%