Speed Difficulty Question


I was hoping to get some feedback as I’ve been working for a few weeks and not seeing as much progress as I’d hope and I’m feeling discouraged. I was hoping someone could take a look at a snippet and give me some feedback and pointers.

The little lick is from Tom Petty’s “Running Down a Dream” solo that coasts along at 170bpm. There are these triplet hammer on moves that I’ve desperate to get up to - but I’m just not getting there.

Here’s a link:

Thanks so much!

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I noticed your pull-offs seems to use quite a bit of movement. If your after speed, it’s best to minimize the distance your fingers move after the pull-off. It’s a bit of a finesse move, but if you spend a few weeks working on it, you’ll be surprised how much more quickly and efficiently you can play if you do this.

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Thank you!!! I’ll work on that immediately! Did you see anything else?

Not really. Pull-offs are often a problem for guitarists. But ironically, they can be done with incredible speed. I’ve gotten to a point where I can do a pull-off descending scale faster than I can ascend a scale with hammer-ons. And this isn’t because I’ve ‘sped up’ my movements… it’s because I barely move my fingers at all with my pull-offs… it’s just pure finesse.

Is there any “trick” to developing this or is it just a case of “do lots and lots of pull offs until you can do it”

What helped me was watching others pull-off efficiently. Rick Graham does a really good job with this. He has a really nice form, and it tends to lend itself better to efficient pull-offs.