Speed feeling differences!


Hello all

I’m new here and thought I’d ask a question that I’ve wondered about for a while.

Playing at difference speeds I’ve noticed a huge difference in feeling and effort required:

The difference between:
0 to 9 np/s - all feels the same amount of effort.
10np/s compared to 12np/s - feels like double the speed and effort
12nps/ compared to 15nps - feels like double the speed and effort.
15np/s compared to 18np/ - I don’t know yet - 18 is my goal but from my observations above it’s probably 3x the speed and effort - I’m thinking my arm will fall off when I hit that speed! :slight_smile:

Anyone else notice this or have the same thing? maybe it’s a body resource thing or something mystical? :stuck_out_tongue:



I can’t comment on the specific nps details that you just laid out, but Troy has done plenty of interviews with camera footage where we can definitely see that the motions performed at slow speeds are sometimes very different from what happens at high speed.