Speed limit position


It’s been a long time since I practice tremolo picking, but this is the first time I’m recording my self the CTC way.

I noticed strange movements in my hands while watching the slow motion part (bouncing??). That happens when I get fast, but in my opinion, my hands move that way because I tense the forearm (the part just after the wrist). AND I strongly believe that this tension happens because I cant move the pick back and forth any faster, it doesn’t matter what I try, so the body tenses the arm as a reaction.

When I’m warmed up I can reach like 145bpm @ 6s, but just short bursts.

Is this an arm position issue? What’s the real problem here? It seems that there is something VERY wrong in the way I pick. Sometimes I feel that I need a reset in my whole picking technique.



That’s pretty fast! Not many guitarists can do that I believe! But if you want to go even faster here we have some experts in hyper-picking like @milehighshred and @TheCount who may have some insights!


The problem is that things get messy long before that, too much tension, which makes the speed useless. May be I should focus on excessive tension, use more elbow movement, change the movement…I dont know.


The only thing I noticed is that it seems you pick very hard and with the pick going very deep below the strings. Maybe you can try to reduce that a bit? By the way I am a fan of picking hard, but when it gets too much it may bring tension/injury


Hey @lgarcia,

I agree with tommo, it seems like you are picking very hard. I find that when things start to work for me and some speed is happening, that is usually when I pick not too hard at all. It’s not so much that I try to play especially soft, I just try not to force it, and that works well for me. I know everybody’s different, so it might not do anything for you, but you might as well give it a try.

Another thing I notice is that the sound is very different when I pick not so hard, and I have to say that I like it better. The notes come out clearer, even though I don’t hit them so hard.


Thanks for the shoutout @tommo!
Sorry for the delay in watching this, been ill over the past few days.
It’d be good to have a front on view of the arm to work on which muscles you’re using, but it’s actually pretty good!
The other comments of hard picking I’d agree with, personally I find it hard to build up a lot of speed if I’m digging into the strings as much as you are. As for arm tension, that’s how I get the max speed thing going, so no harm in that!


Thanks for taking time to answer guys.

So looks like It,s common Sense that I’m using too much pick on the strings and playing too hard. I think that this habit was developed with years of practicing this way. But I find that playing too soft makes the pick attack weak when I increase the speed. When I watch Paul Gilbert picking fast, looks like he’s hitting the strings very hard so I went for that. Anyway, may be my pick attack just needs some adjustments.

As of the too much picking in the strings, It agree 100% with you