Spread Triads and their Uses

Ive been trying to get my hands on a solid set of resources for learning about these and their uses, does anyone have a direction to point me in?

Rick beato posted a vid ON YOUTUBE the other day called
Spread triads for noobs.

I use the Carl Verheyen method to make my own. Take a triad on strings 432 and move the note on the 3rd string up an octave onto the 1st string. Really helpful when adding second guitar parts & it keeps electric guitar strums from getting muddy.

Also, and more conventially, known as, open-voiced triads.

Yeah, they’re just triads - move one note up or down an octave and rock out. They sound awesome played as chords distorted, are a lot of fun to arpeggiate, and are just fun to play with - experiment a bit and see what happens. Maybe start with a famiiliar chord position and voice it in a couple different ways with open triads.