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This song was pretty much E major with a heavy hangout on B Mixolydian for the most part. I was thinking Hendrix (duh) Jeff Beck (bends) and Satriani ( sliding legatto and octavesand whammy). Whan I took off with the legatto flurry I was thinking Steve Vai, The little dittie around F# (Dorian?) followed by the tapping, I was thinking Satch and Vai. The tremelo picking near the end was a tip of the hat to EVH. The very end legatto E and B with whammy was inspired by Hendrix.


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Is there anything in specific that you’re looking for advice on? Is this video for critique purposes or something else? Since I don’t know I’ll just say it’s good to practice with the strap adjusted so the guitar is lower. That way you get used to the feel.

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Thanks Ace. I agree with you. I am used to playing sitting down and will work on this in the future. This was my first recording. Frankly, I find so many things wrong that I am never satisfied. I ran through so many takes, that I picked one and sent it to a small committee of friends (one who studied classical piano for ten years). I know I need to light up the fret board better. I am working on a few pieces for videos and will probably do them sitting, and with better lighting. Thanks for your suggestion.

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