Start fast Steve Kaufman Video

Troy there are a couple of videos of Steve Kaufman on Homespun tapes. On The Art of Crosspicking Steve echoes what you say about playing faster than you can and then cleaning it up. He ditches the idea of playing with a metronome and playing slow while gradually increasing the clicks on the metronome. On the video picking up Speed" he expounds on that concept and plays a blistering version of clarence whites version of soldiers Joy. He literally say if its too fast that the speed you want practice with. I thought it was interesting that these older videos discuss some of the starting with speed concepts. Not a concept i ever heard of until you clarified it. Just thought anyone who doubts that this concept works or just likes bluegrass might enjoy seeing this. I have seen Steve kaufman on YouTube but I was blown away by his speed on these videos. Check them out. Please interview him