Starting my Journey in Guitar

I have worked the same job for 34 years and for the last 12 years have been the person that Trains the Trainers in my industry.

I mention this because I know the phrase Practice makes Perfect is simply not true. If you are not taking the time to learn the right way, you will have a hard time unlearning the wrong way.

I have always wanted to play the Guitar, for my own pleasure, I love music. I have never trusted that I could find anyone that could teach me in the right way. I have been looking on YouTube for years hoping to find the right fit and was never satisfied, by the instruction given. I have been for years looking for a course that would teach me the correct fundamentals, and not how to play a song or read music. I knew if I got the fundamentals down first, everything from that point on will go much faster and be easier to follow.

I have 2 Electric Guitars, 2 Acoustic Guitars and a Nylon String Guitar. I bought them years ago and have never attempted to play them yet, for the reasons I have already stated above.

Today I was watching a YouTube channel JustinGuitar and he had an interesting video on Alternate Picking. Towards the end of the video he credits this website and that is how I found this place. Here is the video I am referring to:

I spent some time perusing this site and Signed up for a Free Account and Purchased the Pickslanting Primer module and just finished downloading it. I must say it has to have a few years worth of practice material inside this section. I finally feel I have after many years of searching found the right program to start my Guitar Journey. I want to thank Troy Grady for putting this together, I am very surprised that I haven’t heard of this site until today, but I feel so much better now that I have found it.


Welcome, thanks for signing up and buying the Primer, good to have you here!

Absolutely, and we hope you find the material helpful in this regard. If you have questions or feedback as you go through, please let us know :slight_smile:

If you’d like to post some video for feedback, or talk more here about learning technique in specific musical contexts, definitely feel free to do that as well. We’ve got lots of great players here with all sorts of musical interests and experience.