Starting with upstrokes vs downstrokes - should I standardize across the board?

I noticed with most sequences that I typically descend starting with a down stroke using usx.

I ascend using up stroke with dsx.

However, there are a few sequences that I worked out
Before this became a theme for me.

Should I try to go back and standardize across the board to keep the system simple or in the long run
Would it be worth changing.

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Sorry for missing this earlier. Generally speaking, our philosophy = it’s totally fine to have multiple techniques / approaches in your toolkit!

If standardizing for similar sequences makes it easier for you, great. But also true that certain things may naturally work better with some techniques than others, and there’s no need to limit yourself to just a single system.

Maybe some specific concrete examples would help for discussing further?

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It’s not really which pickstroke you “start” on, per se, it’s which pickstroke lines up to which beat. Players in a lot of styles like downstrokes on downbeats. It’s not a hard and fast rule but you’ll find many bluegrass and jazz players stick to this, with some small variations here and there. That’s the answer from a musical perspective.

From a skill acquisition / motor learning perspective, mixing things up can help you learn new motions, even if it breaks the downstroke/downbeat rule.

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