Status of Martin Miller interview clips with timeline


I’m quite certain this is already resolved but this sentence is still present on the landing page of the first Martin Miller interview. :point_down:

NOTE: We’re still working on Martin’s clips, but they’ll be connected to his interview timeline soon!

I think it can be removed to not cause confusion or similar.

– Andreas

Sorry for the confusion, this is not resolved. The clips are not in his timeline so you can’t click on them and go to the part of the interview where they occur. This one’s super complicated because they were filmed out of sequence so we have to go through and manually connect them to the time where they occur. We’ll get to it, we’re just swamped!

I see, no worries! I saw the timeline sections pop up at the right timestamp when playing the video and thought that was the finalized version, didn’t know there was some clickable functionality missing. :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume you’re referring to the discussion topics? Normally, all the clips are listed in the timeline too. Which in this case would be over 100 items. As you can see in Olli’s case for example, it’s not just topics but muscial examples as well:

Ah, right, discussion topics is just what I meant!
Is this monotone taks something you could open source to the community? I would be more than happy to help; currently I have a lot of spare time due to unemployment. :slightly_smiling_face: