Steve Lukather holding court at Sunset Sound

Among other things, Lukather recounts the time he made someone clutch their pearls by playfully telling an audience at “Berklee” (I assume he’s referring to Berklee College of Music, not UC Berkeley), that having ridiculously crazy technique chops is “like having a 20 inch cock: it’s great to show it to everybody, but what are you gonna… how many places can you use it?”

Edit: The Berklee bit starts around 13m34s, and he does specifically say “Berklee School of Music”.


Fascinating! Thanks for posting.

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I mean, I’m not even sure you are supposed to show it to everybody, are you? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Okay so Hold the Line solo is equal to what 15 inches?? Good for him :joy:


Pearl-clutching from the metaphor, or because someone was outraged that ridiculous crazy chops wasn’t the be all end all, in a Berklee audience? :laughing:


Ha, I thought about that angle too. It was from the metaphor, and the complaint came to Luke secondhand. He honestly comes across as a bit of a dinosaur in how he characterizes the situation when he tells the story, but at his age, I’m sure he’s out of fucks to give. Actually from what I’ve seen and read, he passed that point a long time ago.

That said, the remark was in response to a question about chops, and I’d assume there were students who disliked that answer over its substance.

Per my edit to the top post, the Berklee bit starts at about 13m34s.

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One of my favorite parts of the video is when Steve is talking to the engineer and they make clear that when they were WORKING, it was all business, total focus, however long it took, but when work was over, well, they were just teenagers again with time to kill.

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I kind of loved that attitude of his to writing lyrics. He’s quite a character. Slagging his song Africa had me in splits. There were a lot of good stories in there, defiantly my fav interview of his.

Thanks for Sharing this, made my day!