Steve Vai's Crossroads Intimidation Lick


I tackled Steve Vai’s “Crossroads Intimidation Lick” following this tutorial:

I’m not quite sure, what technique I use here. It’s not the pronated wrist-style crosspicking, that got me going and that I “presented” in my first technique critique post. There is a big elbow component to this technique. When I use this technique at slower speeds I see a curved motion of the pick, which might come from the forearm. At higher speed, like in this video, I don’t quite see the curved motion. However, the lick requires string escapes in both directions, so I must be doing something.

The hardest part for me are the first couple of notes, with the hammer-on/pull-off on the high E string. You can hear how this part is a bit sloppy. Still, overall I thought it worked out nicely. Any feedback welcome!

P.S: Unfortunately this video was recorded with 30fps. I’m sorry, but I didn’t have any equipment available to do better.