Stevie T = Super Talented - this is the process of making his videos


This is really interesting because Stevie T takes a badly sung song actually creates a piece of music. He goes through the process of editing and includes vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Super talented guy.

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Adjusted the link, FYI you can just paste in the YouTube URL directly and it will embed nicely here automatically :smiley:

Anything particular about the video / song / process you wanted to talk about here?


Love that guy. He is more an entertainer than an educator, though.
His old technique-videos consist of the classic “just play it slow and then play it a lil faster, you will rip at 220 Bpm in no time”-advice.

What i like most about his playing is the effortlessnes with which he incorporates virtuosity. He often flows through difficult runs without making them the centerpiece of the motiv, its great. I wont forgive him for the Benson-video, though. Thats bullying, imo, or trash-tv at best.


You mean (insert beat) . R i c a r d B e n s o n.

I knew I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t stop laughing . omg.

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